Zoe Ministry Network 生命事工网络

Church that makes your heart burst out

We have a dream to live up to the worship that the Lord is seeking and which the Holy Spirit is anointing abundantly.

We have a dream to heal those who are hurting physically and spiritually with the love of our Lord.

We have a dream to strengthen every saint as disciples of the Lord and train them to be leaders for all nations.

We have a dream that through Zoe Ministry, churches that have broken down would be restored and to serve pastors of this age.

So, we pray for these dreams of ours…

May the church members daily tithe of prayer!

Grant us 7,000 prayer warriors to pray with the zeal for the Lord.

Grant us 10,000 holy and blameless pastors.

Grant us 100,000 ministers who can convert anyone with the love of God.

Grant us 300,000 missionaries who witness Jesus Christ with their lives.

Restore onto us Revival like that of Mizpah where 1 million people gathered to worship.